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October 27, 2016

After Care for Teeth Whitening in Mt. Holly

Dietary choices, tobacco, oral hygiene and more stain teeth. Teeth whitening from Mt. Holly Family Dentistry brightens enamel. Read how to keep it white.Do dingy stains spoil your smile? That yellowed look comes from what you put in your mouth. Drs. Greenberg, Govitrikar and Cygler offer at-home and in-office teeth whitening as part of their cosmetic dental services. Results are amazing, and you can maintain that dazzling look with some common sense care.


October 14, 2016

What is Air Abrasion, and Is It for Me?

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Air abrasion is an inventive tool that makes dental treatments easier and faster. Read the details from your friends at Mt. Holly Family Dentistry.Some people think dental procedures are a lot like sidewalk repair. Bring in the jack hammer, pound out the damaged portion and fill it in with concrete. Well, in days past, they weren’t far wrong. However, modern dentistry offers easier, quicker and more effective restorative services and techniques, such as air abrasion. Drs. H. William Greenberg, Vrishali Govitrikar and Adam Cygler at Mt. Holly Family Dentistry offer air abrasion and other amazing services for superior and patient-friendly dental care.


October 3, 2016

The Importance of Digital X-rays and Why We Use Them

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Digital dental x-rays render sharp clear images quickly with scant radiation exposure. The team at Mt. Holly Family Dentistry explains their uses.Digital dental X-rays are an important diagnostic tool. Uncovering hidden decay, damage to existing restorations and other oral health issues, these modern radiographs release only minute amounts of radiation for better patient safety. Learn why the team at Mt. Holly Family dentistry uses digital X-rays for all their patients.


September 15, 2016

What to Do About your Gum Disease in Mt. Holly

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What can you do about your gum disease in Mt. Holly?This is the strangest library you’ve ever seen. They have a wonderful collection of books, pictures, and movies, but they are completely absent of shelves. Piles of literature surround you, and you find yourself wading knee-deep into the fiction section. You only hope that you aren’t accidentally stepping on classics.

Whenever you forget to take care of your gums while cleaning your teeth, you can end up in a situation like this. Without healthy gums, like shelves, teeth lack the support they need to stay in place, and disaster can follow. Here’s how you can treat and prevent gum disease in Mt. Holly. (more…)

September 11, 2016

How to Treat Your Nighttime Teeth Grinding

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Teeth grinding can easily be treated by your Mt. Holly dentist. College was a great time for you. It was just at the right point in your life where you had enough responsibility to feel in control, but were young enough to have a safety net of adults looking after you. You learned so much and met people that you still keep in touch with today. You can trace pretty much every good thing that’s happened to you back to college. You miss those times. The one thing you don’t miss, however, are the mornings. The pounding headaches from nights of partying can stay in the past, as far as you’re concerned. Unfortunately, you’re waking up with headaches more and more these days, and you aren’t even staying up late like you used to. You’re getting plenty of sleep and eating relatively healthy, so what could be causing this? One culprit might be nighttime teeth grinding, or bruxism. What could be a tricky condition can now be easily treated by your dentist at Mt. Holly Family Dentistry. (more…)

September 4, 2016

Why You Should See Your Mt. Holly Dentist Twice a Year

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Is it time to visit your Mt. Holly dentist?You try to make it out to Spellbound Brewing at least once every few months. After that first beer is poured, you know you are truly clocked out for the weekend. Time seems to shorten as you and your friends go round after round regaling each other with tales from the past week. Every once in a while it’s healthy to just throw your feet up and let the day float on by. One of your friends smiles and you immediately notice how yellow their teeth are, which makes you think about your own teeth. “When is the last time I saw the dentist?” you think to yourself. If you have to ask, it’s probably be a while. Here’s why you should visit your Mt. Holly dentist at least twice a year. (more…)

August 26, 2016

Mt. Holly Dentist Tells Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Many people experience tooth sensitivity. Learn about this common and uncomfortable condition from your Mt. Holly dentist.You drink hot coffee, or you brush your teeth and feel a stabbing pain. Most of us experience dental sensitivity every now and then. Usually,  it’s no big deal. Other times, it indicates an oral health problem. Mt. Holly dentists, Drs. Greenberg, Ko-Kim, Cygler and Govitrikar, tell patients about tooth sensitivity, how to avoid it and when it needs professional treatment. (more…)

August 16, 2016

Your Mt. Holly Emergency Dentist Helps Your Chipped Tooth

Your Mt. Holly emergency dentist repairs chipped and cracked teeth. Read about how these and other dental emergencies are best handled.You are struck in the mouth during a ball game. You bite a piece of peanut brittle. These incidents and more cause cracked, chipped and avulsed teeth. They even may precipitate a throbbing toothache. Your Mt. Holly emergency dentist has the skill to repair damaged teeth for strong and functional smiles. Modern cosmetic and restorative procedures relieve pain and make smile defects disappear. (more…)

August 11, 2016

Mt. Holly Dentist Explains Your Options For Missing Teeth

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Your Mt. Holly dentist discusses options for replacing missing teeth.Difficulties chewing and eating food, feeling self-conscious or embarrassed when you smile or talk to others, this is what it’s like to live with a missing tooth, and it can greatly affect the quality of your daily life. Did you know that it’s also affecting your oral health? Without a replacement, your bone will begin to deteriorate and your remaining teeth will start to shift. The good news is that you have choices for a replacement and your Mt. Holly dentist explains your options for missing teeth.


July 28, 2016

Mt. Holly dentist creates fine smiles in just 6 months

Mt. Holly Braces

Are you tired of your crooked smile, but have been reluctant to explore solutions? Mt. Holly Family Dentistry has a great alternative to traditional metal wire and bracket braces. It’s called Six Month Smiles–a practically invisible way for to move teeth into better positions without the hassle of lengthy treatments and ugly appliances.


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