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April 8, 2020

Can Using Mouthwash Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19?

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woman rinsing with mouthwash to maintain a healthy mouthWith COVID-19 continuing to spread throughout the country, medical professionals on the local, state and national levels are working around the clock to come up with the best solutions. While social distancing and consistent and thorough handwashing are some of the preventive measures you’ve probably heard about, is there anything else you can do to protect yourself? Will using mouthwash to maintain a healthy mouth help to slow the spread of COVID-19? Continue reading to find out.


March 31, 2020

How Your Dentist Stays Safe and Clean During COVID-19

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person washing hands

With the new COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, everyone is suddenly worried about staying clean and not catching the virus. People are taking extra care not to spread germs, such as washing their hands more often and wearing masks when they can. Have you ever wondered how your dentist stays clean and safe during this time? While your dentist might only be open for emergency patients, it’s still massively important that they follow standard cleaning procedures and dental sanitization practices. Here are a few of them.


March 22, 2020

6 Signs You Have a Dental Emergency On Your Hands

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stressed person trying to find out if they have a dental emergency by searching on their computerDental emergencies put people on the spot because they always happen at the most unexpected moments. Because of this, it can be hard to determine what actions you should take; should you call an emergency dentist? Will the pain go away on its own? These are hard questions to answer when you’re panicking. If you’re second-guessing whether or not you have a dental emergency on your hands, you can read on to learn six signs that you do. (more…)

January 20, 2020

How Smiling Can Reduce Stress

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man smiling

Have you ever been feeling down in the dumps and someone told you to just turn that frown upside down? It might have seemed annoying and counterproductive at the time. After all, what good would smiling do when you’re not feeling happy enough to grin? As it turns out, there are numerous physical and mental health benefits to smiling, even when you don’t feel like it. Let’s talk about the advantages of smiling, and how you can achieve a smile you can’t wait to show off.


December 12, 2019

Sinus or Poor Oral Health: What is Causing Your Toothache?

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a woman holding her cheek in painThere’s nothing worse than a toothache. The constant, throbbing pain is enough to make you want to call in sick and crawl back into bed. But what is causing it? You’ve noticed what feels like sinus pain developing in your head and eyes, but is that the reason for your tooth discomfort? If you’re unsure what might be the culprit, let a dentist discuss ways in which you can tell if it’s your sinuses or if there’s a more serious dental problem developing as a result of poor oral health.


November 7, 2019

A Happy, Healthy Smile and Body Starts with a Dental Checkup

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Healthy people ready to exerciseYour routine dental checkup is about so much more than keeping those pearly whites beautiful. Your dentist also carefully examines your oral health for tell-tale signs of issues you may not see or feel. This can include everything from a cavity that doesn’t hurt yet to larger underlying health conditions. In fact, numerous studies have found that there is a strong connection between your oral health and overall wellbeing. Find out how taking care of your teeth and gums with regular dental cleanings and checkups can help keep your whole body healthy.


October 14, 2019

Take Advantage of Your Dental Benefits While You Still Can!

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_greenberg @ 8:31 pm

Woman smilingEvery year, millions of Americans miss out on billions of dollars in dental insurance benefits that they already pay for. How is this possible? Dental insurance can be confusing, and some of that is by design. However, with the right know-how, you can take advantage of your insurance benefits to save money and stay healthy. Keep reading to learn how to cash in on your dental insurance while you still can.


September 13, 2019

Laser Dentistry: A More Comfortable Way to Keep Your Gums Healthy

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_greenberg @ 5:44 pm

Dental LaserBetween the sounds of a dental drill and the discomfort that traditional metal tools might cause, there’s little wonder why many patients have dental anxiety. Fortunately, in many cases laser dentistry can help ease some of those fears by providing a pain-free solution for gum treatments. Here’s why a laser is an invaluable tool at a dental office.


August 16, 2019

Dental Implants: 4 Tips to Make Them Last

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person brushing their teethAre you wondering “How long do dental implants last?” With the proper preventive practices in place and when you make sure you’re a good candidate for the procedure, you’ll be able to enjoy them for potentially a lifetime. This modern restorative solution utilizes the latest and greatest that dentistry has to offer and boasts a 95 percent success rate. That being said, it’s still important to take steps to avoid implant failure. Here are four ways you can ensure that you will be able to enjoy your dental investment for decades to come. (more…)

July 6, 2019

Time to Relax: Why Sleep is One of the Most Effective Post-Workout Recoveries

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a woman asleep

It’s summertime, and that means taking advantage of the warmer temperatures. What better way to enjoy a day outside than to engage in some level of physical activity or sport? Whether it be playing frisbee, going for a run, or opting for swim aerobics, an outdoor workout can not only burn calories, but it can also help you sleep better! Find out why sleep is your number one friend for effectively recovering after a good workout.


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