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If you’re new to the area or looking for a new dental practice to call home, a great way to find out more about any office is to ask locals who they visit and why. Better yet, reading reviews online gives potential patients a candid look at what patients really think of their dentist, team, and dental practice. The Mt. Holly Family Dentistry team invites you to find out more about our office by reading some of our glowing patient reviews.

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If you’ve recently visited our office, we’d like to start by thanking you for choosing Mt. Holly Family Dentistry as your partner in lifelong oral health. Our team and future patients would love to hear all about your most recent visit to our office. Click the link below to get started. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Letters from our Patients

My name is David Mount. I own a small barbershop in the downtown area of Mount Holly. My hobby and passion is competitive arm wrestling! I have done very well at the sport of arm wrestling for the eight years I have been involved in the sport. I have just recently been fitted by Dr. Greenberg with a “PPM” which is a Pure Power Mouthguard. This device has some amazing qualities that give the competitive athlete that little extra edge.

I just recently had a match with a very formidable opponent who beat me twice previously. I lost to him in a left handed arm wrestling match at the highly competitive Canadian American Open Tournament about three years ago. I also lost to him again at the P.A. State Fair Arm wrestling Championship right handed a year or two later. I again had to arm wrestle this competitor at the Winter Blast Championship in P.A. this past March of 2008. I was wearing my PPM and I had no trouble putting his arm right to the pad! I am convinced the PPM I was wearing had a big part to play in my victory because it gave me the center core strength and balance necessary to win both right handed as well as left handed at the Winter Blast in P.A. tournament this year against a very ferocious competitor.

I would personally like to thank Dr. Greenberg and all the members of his dental team at Mount Holly Family Dentistry for giving me the opportunity to use this amazing new development of modern technology that they have mastered. It has given me the much needed competitive edge to excel even further in my arm wrestling career. I plan to use this device in all my future tournaments and this year I will be traveling along with Team New Jersey Arm wrestling to the National Arm wrestling Championship in Salt Lake City Utah. My PPM (my secret weapon) will be coming with me!!!!

Dave “The Barber” Mount

Dear Dr. Greenberg, I would like to take a moment to compliment you and your staff on the excellent care and treatment I received during my complete restoration. I was very impressed with the time and care you took to understand my challenging needs and with the amazing results. Not only do I have a handsome smile, I also have for the first time, permanent relief from my very persistent TMJ pain. All I can say is that my results exceeded all of my expectations!

Art Ciacciarelli

My new teeth have really changes my life! They have given me my self-esteem an incredible boost!! My new teeth have inspired me to lose those extra baby pounds and to train for a marathon. I never thought that a change in my physical appearance would so dramatically impact my life.

Thanks, Dr. Greenberg.
Gina Hammond, RN

I was always reluctant to smile. People thought I was in a bad mood. It was because I was hiding my crooked teeth. Now that I’ve had them fixed, I smile all the time. Everyone tells me I have a beautiful smile. I do. I seem so much happier. I wish I’d done it sooner. Veneers were so easy. Dr Greenberg and the while staff were great.

Linda R.

Dr. Greenberg and his wonderful staff have given me a smile I can be proud of! I smile and laugh more than I ever have and am a happier person because of that. Thank you so much for changing my life.

Jennifer Young

My name is Sandra and before I received my teeth implants I used to walk around very embarrassed about my smile. I had teeth that were missing in front, which made me smile with my hand over my mouth or I would talk with my mouth half shut. It took me a while to decide to have this work done on my teeth.

I just could not see spending this kind of money to have my teeth rebuilt, but thank God for Dr. Greenberg and his staff. They did not give up on me, I had the implants put in and now I can smile with my hands by my side and not my mouth.

All my friends and family think I look more beautiful than ever since I have a brand new smile, so I feel this was a great investment.

I am happier and smiling more than I ever did before I got my implants. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs them. Thanks to Dr. Greenberg and staff.

Sandra Highsmith

What can I possibly say – Where have you been all my life or at least the last 20 years, when if I got up the nerve to go to the dentist, well it wasn’t like you! I felt safe, everyone treated me with kindness and respect, with encouragement acknowledging my fears. This has been the most life changing and for the first time I can smile. First thing I did was run out and buy lipstick and liner. I love it! Everyone does!


All I noticed in pictures of myself were my discolored and chipped teeth. Now I love to smile and I’m not ashamed of my teeth! They look natural. Everyone at the office went out of their way to accommodate my schedule and ease my nervousness for the procedure. They are always kind, considerate and very caring. The staff makes you feel like you are one of the family.

Thanks again,
Rosemary Eaton

Thank you Dr. Greenberg. Having my new smile is the best thing I ever did for myself.

Joanne Hersh

Dr. Greenberg,

Thank you for the wonderful gift of a beautiful smile. My whole family loves it. I’ve also receives so many unsolicited comments from co-workers and friends...”your new smile lights up your face” and “your dentist is an artist” are two of my favorites. As always, and most certainly with me, your skill and dedication to your patients inspire trust and deliver outstanding results.

Ann Moore

After years of grinding my teeth and having numerous crowns put on, I had a mixed match of colors when I smiled. I asked my hygienist friend, Lois, if she knew a doctor in the area that could help me achieve one color for all my teeth instead of the multitude of colors I had when I smiled. She recommended Dr. Greenberg. I began my journey to a new smile in July 2009. It was completed in January 2010. Not only do I have a smile that consists of one color but I also have teeth that are even. The bonus is that I no longer grind my teeth and I sleep better.

The smile that Dr. Greenberg created is a work of art. It has become so natural that I forget that some folks haven’t seen my new smile and ask me what I did when I see them after a long absence. I no longer tend to look down when folks speak to me as I am not embarrassed by the multitude of colors on my teeth. I feel I had my head higher and smile all the time. Life is good and it’s great to have an awesome smile.

Dr. Greenberg’s staff has been great. They are kind, considerate, and caring. They have accommodated my work schedule when making appointments. They have been supportive throughout the process. After spending the time in Dr. Greenberg’s chair, it was great to see their cheering smiling faces when he was done.

Dottie Amao


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