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Botox – Mt. Holly, NJ

Your Chance to Turn Back the Clock on Aging

Tired of looking older than you are? Embarrassed by the fine lines and wrinkles that plague your appearance? While you may look back on fond memories that made you laugh and smile years ago, you wish they didn’t leave a lasting mark on your face. Fortunately, at Mt. Holly Family Dentistry, our team offers Botox in Mt. Holly to reduce the presence of these age lines, giving you a smoother, more youthful appearance in very little time. Contact us today to learn more about Botox and what it can do for you.

What is Botox?

A middle-aged woman with dark hair prepares to have Botox in Mt. Holly injected into her crow’s feet

Want to do something about your appearance but don’t know if Botox is the right way to go for treatment? To help you better understand, Botox is the widely used term for botulinum toxin. Derived from the bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum, it can be dangerous if not administered correctly; however, our team at Mt. Holly Family Dentistry is trained and equipped to provide this method of treatment safely and effectively.

Once injected into the appropriate place(s), the muscles within the face will become temporarily paralyzed, preventing these areas from contracting when smiling, laughing, or frowning.

How Can It Be Used?

An up-close view of a need injecting botulinum toxin into a woman’s forehead to reduce the lines between her eyes

When you hear the word “Botox,” you likely first think of cosmetic improvements. After all, it is capable of treating everything from crow’s feet, glabellar lines, large jowls, frown lines, and wrinkles near the nose, and even those around the lips. However, Botox is also commonly used to treat various oral health and medical conditions, including migraines, TMJ, and bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching).

The results are not permanent, so you will be expected to return for follow-up appointments if you want to maintain results.

Why Receive Botox From a Dentist?

An older man with his eyes closed completed necessary treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

The reason it is beneficial and worthwhile to receive Botox from a dentist is that they are well-versed in providing treatment to the oral and maxillofacial areas. Although it may seem as if a dermatologist or skin care specialist is the only possible professionals who can safely administer this type of treatment, the truth is that dentists have much more experience in working throughout the facial region.

For patients who opt to seek treatment from a dentist, you will find it to be a convenient solution, especially since you can have your full dental checkup and cleaning during the same appointment as your Botox treatment.

Schedule a Consultation

A young man with a beard receiving a Botox injection in the crow’s feet area of his eyes

The decision to go with Botox is one you’ll be pleased you made once you see your results. However, before you reach that point, it is necessary to schedule a consultation. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your appointment.