Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry – Mt. Holly, NJ

Precise, Painless

Providing the best dental care available means always having the right gadgets for the job. Mt. Holly Family Dentistry has been using lasers since 2001, and we can tell you that it can make a big difference for patients who are wary of dental drills or other traditional metal instruments. Are you worried about getting gum disease treatment or a filling? Contact our dental office today to see whether you might be able to benefit from painless dentistry performed via laser.

What is a Soft
Tissue Laser?

Patient receiving soft tissue laser dentistry treatment

A laser is a beam of light energy that’s highly concentrated and can be aimed at very precise areas. They’re used as an alternative to traditional metal tools, like a scalpel, for several kinds of oral surgery, particularly those that involve the gums. Because they’re easy to control, they can be used to treat only the damaged areas of the mouth while leaving healthy areas alone. They can also lower the risk of suffering from a postoperative infection, and recovery time for surgical wounds made by a laser tend to be shorter than those made by normal tools.

How and When are Soft Tissue Lasers Used?

Man smiling after laser dentistry treatment

One of the most common uses for laser dentistry is for treating gum disease. The energy can remove the infected tissue while also eradicating harmful bacteria. This helps sterilize the mouth so that you’re less likely to suffer from another infection during recovery.

There are many other ways lasers can help keep your smile healthy, including:

  • Prepare your teeth for fillings by removing small amounts of enamel
  • Create a better surface for dental bonding
  • Remove and reshape excess gum tissues to treat a gummy smile
  • Expose more of the tooth so a crown can be placed
  • Heal canker sores
  • Treat tongue and lip tie (a procedure known as frenectomy)
  • Provide pain relief from a TMJ disorder
  • Expose teeth that have become impacted under the gums

As you can see, laser dentistry is very versatile. Feel free to ask us if soft tissue lasers might benefit your treatment.

What are the Benefits of a Soft Tissue Laser?

Patient pointing to smile after soft tissue laser dentistry
  • Pinpoint Accuracy: We don’t need to remove any more gum tissue than necessary; we can treat just the area that’s infected or otherwise needs to be removed. As a result, laser dentistry tends to be far less invasive than traditional dentistry.
  • No Need for Stitches: The laser will cauterize any exposed blood vessels as it goes along, keeping bleeding to a minimum and promoting faster recovery. This reduces the need for stitches after surgery.
  • Less Need for Anesthesia: Treatment from a dental laser is far more comfortable than treatment from metal tools. In fact, in some cases, anesthesia doesn’t need to be used at all during the procedure! (Although we might apply it anyway, just to be on the safe side.)
  • Less Postoperative Pain: Any discomfort experienced during recovery will be very mild. You might need a prescription for extra-strength ibuprofen, but otherwise you’ll be able to eat and speak without issue.