February 13, 2024

Root Canals Don’t Cause Cancer

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The claim that root canals cause cancer has persisted over the years despite a complete lack of scientific evidence. Root canals are common and safe restorative dental procedures that are not associated with the development of cancer in any part of the body, and researchers in 2013 actually found that people who have had root canals were less likely to develop cancers of the head or neck. Here’s a brief overview of where this claim came from and why root canals are perfectly safe.

Where Did the Idea That Root Canals Cancer Come From?

A documentary released in early 2019 claimed to expose a conspiracy among the medical communities that was covering up how root canal treatments lead to cancer. Though streaming services quickly removed this film from their collections due to an outcry from the dental and medical community, the belief that root canals cause cancer has persisted. This misconception is far older than this movie, as dubious claims that root canals cause problems throughout the body can be traced as far back as the early twentieth century.

Are Tooth Extractions Safer than Root Canals?

Root canals typically take place over at least two appointments, but a tooth extraction only takes a single visit. While a tooth extraction may be a simpler treatment than a root canal, removing a tooth unnecessarily can deprive the jaw of the exercise it needs to stay healthy and strong. This can cause the jawbone to atrophy, pulling the remaining teeth out of alignment and making them more vulnerable to injury and decay. While each patient’s situation is different, using a root canal to save a tooth from extraction is often the best option.

How Do Root Canals Work?

Root canals can end painful toothaches, eliminate infections, and save teeth from extraction. They work by removing infected tissue from the interior of the tooth, sanitizing, filling, and sealing its inner chamber, and placing a dental crown upon the tooth to protect it and restore its strength and appearance. This is all done using local anesthetics to render the whole process completely painless.

There’s nothing to fear from getting a root canal. If your dentist recommends getting one, it can help you maintain a beautiful and pain-free smile.

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