December 14, 2023

Could I Reline My Dentures Myself?

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As great as they are, dentures don’t always work correctly. They can start to fit poorly over time and need some adjusting. When that happens, you might wonder: “Can I reline my dentures myself?” While tempting, though, this idea is a bad one. DIY relining would only put your smile at risk. If you’d like to learn why, your Mt. Holly dental practice can explain. Here’s a primer on why you shouldn’t reline dentures yourself and why only dentists should do so.

Context: What’s Denture Relining?

When a denture becomes ill-fitting, it doesn’t work as well. So, one way to adjust its fit is something called relining.

Put simply, a relining adds new material to a denture’s inside surface. It’s typically done to ensure a better fit for the patient. Depending on the patient’s needs, the process can work with various materials. As such, relining is well-known for being convenient and versatile.

DIY Relining = Too Risky

True enough, some people try relining their own dentures. They hope a DIY kit or video will save them time and money. However, this approach is never worthwhile or helpful. Trying to reline dentures yourself will ruin your current grin.

For starters, DIY relines usually damage the dentures. That’s only natural – you can’t place the materials all on your own. Generally, you won’t have a good look at the areas that need support or new material. You could add too little of a substance or too much. Plus, the process has no do-overs; you can’t remove your “add-ons” once they’re set.

More vitally, personal relining could harm your health. It might cause your denture to fit even worse! From there, you’d suffer jaw pain, headaches, and eating challenges.

See a Dentist for Denture Relining

To avoid the risks above, have a qualified dentist perform your reline. They’ll use the proper tools and know-how to ensure your restoration fits well.

Overall, dentists will follow several steps for a relining. The first is to perform an exam of the affected denture. Given the findings, the dentist’s next move will be to suggest a hard or soft reline. (A hard reline is done wholly in-office, while a soft one involves lab work.) After they finish either kind, the dental team will return your dentures and confirm the improved fit.

So, “can I reline dentures myself?” No – not if you want your smile to thrive. That being said, visit your dental provider for your denture repairs.

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Mt. Holly Family Dentistry is based in the Mt. Holly, NJ area. Led by Drs. Cygler and Genco, our practice seeks to give each patient a thriving smile. We thus offer preventive, cosmetic, and restorative work, as well as emergency oral care. Naturally, that means our team can also reline your dentures quickly and effectively. For more information or to book a visit, you can reach us on our website or by phone at (609)-267-3230.

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