March 13, 2024

I’m Putting Off Getting a Root Canal; How Bad Could It Be?

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Nobody is ever excited about getting a root canal, but your dentist won’t recommend this treatment without good reason. Root canals are used to end infections and save teeth from extraction, and putting off getting one can lead to severe consequences for your oral and overall health. Here’s a brief overview of why root canals can be necessary and how delaying treatment can hurt in the long run.

Why Did My Dentist Recommend a Root Canal?

Tooth decay begins when bacteria begin to eat their way through the enamel layer. While this can be reversed in the pre-cavity stage, it will only get worse once a cavity is formed. Without the intervention of a trained dentist, these bacteria will continue to bore through the enamel and dentin layers until they infect the pulp at the center. At this point, you may experience an agonizing toothache, and allowing the infection to go on will lead to tooth loss and possibly cause dangerous secondary infections like sepsis or pneumonia.

How Do Root Canals Work?

Root canals can take two or more appointments to complete. The process begins with your dentist administering a local anesthetic to render the procedure completely painless, and you may also receive dental sedation if you need a little more help sitting comfortably. Your dentist will then access and remove the infected soft tissue from the chamber of the tooth. The tooth will then be sanitized, filled, and sealed, and a dental crown will be placed to protect the tooth from further infection and damage.

What Happens After a Root Canal?

Since root canals eliminate infections and pain at their source, patients often tell their dentists that they feel better immediately after receiving one. They may experience some swelling and mild soreness in the following days, but this discomfort should fade over time and is far better than the miserable pain of a toothache. However, it’s important to contact your dentist if you experience worsening pain.

Skipping a needed root canal will not save you money or suffering. These treatments eliminate dangerous infections and prevent the need for more expensive procedures like tooth extractions. By following your dentist’s recommendations, you can keep your smile in great shape for life.

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