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December 2, 2018

Healthy Stocking Stuffers from a Children’s Dentist in Mt. Holly

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Young boy smilingWith the holidays coming up, have you done some shopping for your kids? If you’re looking for some ideas for stocking stuffers, did you know there are fun gifts you can give your children that keep them healthy too? Keep reading to learn about 7 healthy stocking stuffers from a children’s dentist in Mt. Holly so your kids can celebrate the festivities with amazing oral health.


November 6, 2018

An End to Jaw Pain with TMJ Therapy in Mt. Holly!

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woman holding jaw in painNovember has been designated as National TMJ Awareness Month, which is the time of the year set aside to raise awareness about a serious condition that affects the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) – which is TMJ dysfunction (TMD). Dentists also use this time to encourage those who are experiencing symptoms to schedule a visit with a local professional so they can be examined. As you read on, you’ll find out the causes of TMD and what can be done to restore jaw health and functionality.


October 9, 2018

How to Handle a Cracked Porcelain Veneer in Mt. Holly

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 A woman covering her mouth.Whether you just had a bad fall or you bit into a piece of food just a little too hard, cracked porcelain veneers happen. For many, this is an aesthetic emergency that cannot wait. If you’re getting married in two days, you’ve got a professional event you’re headlining, or rely on your appearance for your job, a cracked porcelain veneer in Mt. Holly just can’t wait.

For those dealing with this cosmetic catastrophe, read this from a dentist. They can go over the steps of repairing your tooth just in time.


September 5, 2018

A Detailed Guide to Fighting Gum Disease in Westampton

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man smiling with perfect teethSeptember has been designated as National Gum Care Awareness Month, and professionals around the country are doing their part to stress the importance of gum health to their patients. Your local dentist aids in the fight against (periodontal) gum disease in Westampton by contributing some helpful information about ways to properly maintain your gums and how to recognize the signs of periodontal health problems.


August 7, 2018

How Do Dental Implants in Mt Holly Work and Why Are They So Beneficial?

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Dental implant in lower jawDid you know that an estimated 3 million people in the U.S. have dental implants? Not only that, but 500,000 additional implants are placed annually! Clearly, they’re a pretty popular choice for anyone who has lost teeth. If you’ve been considering dental implants in Mt Holly, you might be wondering how they’ll work with the existing oral structures in your mouth and what makes them such a great choice for replacing teeth. Learn the answers to those questions and more in this blog!


July 21, 2018

What You Should Know about Dental Implants in Mount Holly

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x-ray of tooth needing root canalDental implants in Mount Holly are one way to resolve the issues caused by missing teeth. They can protect your natural teeth as well as your jawbone from ongoing problems. But, before deciding on implants, you should evaluate all your options under the guidance of a qualified dentist.


July 6, 2018

Some Plaque Prevention Tips from a Dentist in Mount Holly

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Regular cleanings and checkups with a dentist in Mount Holly are essential for removing plaque and tartar. However, there are things you can do at home to minimize the amount of material that builds up on your teeth. Not only will this make your teeth and gums healthier, it can also make your office visits more effective.


June 20, 2018

Adjusting to Life with Dentures in Westampton: 3 Steps

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upper dentureHaving your missing teeth restored with dentures is a big step — and it will take some getting used to at first. Most people have an adjustment period of a few weeks or more. To speed through this time and feel completely comfortable with your dentures, keep the following 3 steps in mind. Do so and you’ll be eating, speaking, and smiling with full confidence in no time!


June 10, 2018

Dentist in Westampton Has 4 Bad Breath Tips

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man smelling breath with handDo you feel like you are constantly battling bad breath? We all experience less-than-fresh breath right when we wake up or after eating something garlicky, but when the odor doesn’t go away or comes back soon after brushing, you need to seek a solution. Your dentist in Westampton provides 4 tips for combating bad breath — for the sake of you and everyone around you — below.


May 30, 2018

Is There a Way Dentures in Westampton Can Be Permanent?

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woman smiling appleIf you have missing teeth, dentures in Westampton have probably changed your life for the better. Once, you were unable to speak properly, eat your favorite foods, or even smile with confidence. With dentures now, you’re able to do all of those things—there’s just one problem: they aren’t permanently attached to your mouth!

It can be a pain to have to use denture adhesives or even face the embarrassment of a slipping denture from time to time. Instead, you should explore a new way to permanently anchor your dental prosthetic to your jaw with the use of dental implants.


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