March 23, 2016

Six Month Smiles® and Invisalign® in Mt. Holly, NJ

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InvisalignThe people you know and love should not have to play a game of hide and seek in order to find your smile. They should be able to find it easily and often. But if crooked teeth are making you self-conscious, then the dentists at Mt. Holly Family Dentistry can help you seek and find a straight smile that you’ll be proud to share. With Six Month Smiles or Invisalign, we can have you smiling from ear to ear in almost no time at all.


August 10, 2015

Hide Your Smile No More, With Six Month Smiles — Mt. Holly, NJ

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Straighten your teeth in just six monthsA straight smile isn’t something that’s reserved for celebrities and rich people. There are a lot of patients just like you who want a straight smile. A straight smile is not only beautiful, it also is easy on the eyes and can give anyone who has one a lot of confidence. Confidence is a good thing to have whether you’re out and about or in the office. People listen to a confident person, and confident people know how to get things done. Having a straight smile can help you have all the confidence in the world. Long gone are the days of metal braces being the only way to get a straight smile. Now, there are many alternatives to traditional orthodontics, including a state-of-the-art system called Six Month Smiles. Our office in Mt. Holly, NJ wants you to take advantage of this fantastic system that can deliver excellent results in only six months. Dr. Greenberg is the cosmetic dentist Mt. Holly, NJ residents can trust to get their smiles looking fantastically straight.

February 16, 2015

Six Month Smiles: Fast Braces in Mt. Holly, NJ

If you are one of the millions of self-conscious adults in need of 462363713Six Month Smiles. Some patients spend most of their time covering their mouths when they laugh, talk, eat, or smile.  They are dissatisfied with their smiles, but their equally dissatisfied with traditional orthodontic solutions. Traditional bracket and wire braces can be embarrassing, invasive, expensive, and prolonged. Fortunately, Mt. Holly Family Dentistry now offers an effective, discrete, and convenient cosmetic braces solution with new Six Month Smiles. If you’re ready to finally get the orthodontic treatment you need, schedule a Mt. Holly, NJ Six Month Smiles consultation appointment today. Mt. Holly Family Dentistry proudly welcomes patients of all ages throughout Mt. Holly New Jersey, Westampton, Hainesport, Lumberton, Springfield, Pemberton, and the surrounding communities.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a short term cosmetic orthodontic treatmentSix Month Smiles successfully utilizes the best aspects of traditional braces with modified treatment and materials, to give busy adult patients a common-sense cosmetic solution that fits any lifestyle.

How Does Six Month Smiles Work So Fast?

The Six Month Smiles solution works through a combination of tried and true and well documented orthodontic techniques. These techniques were successfully combined over twenty years ago and the technologies to fully implement them have finally become available. A key feature of the advanced Six Month Smiles technology is the use of hybrid nickel and titanium arch wires in a natural tooth color. These wires can precisely exert a light but continuous force to gently reposition teeth in the most efficient manner possible.

What Can Six Month Smiles Correct?

Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment can quickly correct:

  • Misalignment
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Overcrowding
  • Gaps and spaces

Six Month Smiles Appointments in Mt. Holly, NJ

Discover the many benefits of Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment for yourself; schedule a Mt. Holly, NJ orthodontic appointment today. Mt. Holly Family Dentistry delivers quality care daily throughout Mt. Holly New Jersey, Westampton, Hainesport, Lumberton, Springfield, Pemberton, and the neighboring areas.