March 23, 2016

Six Month Smiles® and Invisalign® in Mt. Holly, NJ

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InvisalignThe people you know and love should not have to play a game of hide and seek in order to find your smile. They should be able to find it easily and often. But if crooked teeth are making you self-conscious, then the dentists at Mt. Holly Family Dentistry can help you seek and find a straight smile that you’ll be proud to share. With Six Month Smiles or Invisalign, we can have you smiling from ear to ear in almost no time at all.

Six Month Smiles in Mt. Holly NJ

Think orthodontics can’t possibly straighten teeth in six months? Well, think again! Six Month Smiles is a system of orthodontics that uses the same mechanics as traditional braces, but the focus is strictly cosmetic and only on the teeth that show when you smile. Traditional orthodontics not only treats the appearance and position of your teeth, but your bite as well. Conversely, Six Month Smiles are for those patients who have a healthy occlusion, or bite.

Moreover, Six Month Smiles are comprised of clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, so they are completely discreet. And most patients report that Six Month Smiles braces are really quite comfortable, because the system uses low force to move your teeth more gently than traditional braces.

Invisalign in Mt. Holly, NJ

Invisalign is another alternative to traditional metal braces that we offer at Mt. Holly Family Dentistry. This treatment uses an organized system of clear plastic braces to move your teeth into proper alignment. In our office, Dr. Ko-Kim is the certified Invisalign provider in our office, and a consultation with her is where your orthodontic treatment begins. Dr. Ko-Kim works closely with the Invisalign lab to fabricate aligners that directly address the specific needs of your smile. Invisalign clear braces can correct overbites, underbites, cross bites, rotated or crooked teeth, and even gaps between your teeth.

Your Invisalign aligners are sent from the lab in a series of sets—one for your upper arch and one for the lower. You’ll wear each set for about two weeks and then move on to the next set. Aligners should be worn for at least 22 hours a day, and removed only at meal or snack time and when you need to brush and floss your teeth. For most patients, treatment lasts one to two years.

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If you would like more information on Invisalign or Six Month Smiles, Mt. Holly, NJ, residents should contact the dental office of Mt. Holly Family Dentistry. We can help you reveal the smile you’ve been hiding!

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