October 14, 2016

What is Air Abrasion, and Is It for Me?

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Air abrasion is an inventive tool that makes dental treatments easier and faster. Read the details from your friends at Mt. Holly Family Dentistry.Some people think dental procedures are a lot like sidewalk repair. Bring in the jack hammer, pound out the damaged portion and fill it in with concrete. Well, in days past, they weren’t far wrong. However, modern dentistry offers easier, quicker and more effective restorative services and techniques, such as air abrasion. Drs. H. William Greenberg, Vrishali Govitrikar and Adam Cygler at Mt. Holly Family Dentistry offer air abrasion and other amazing services for superior and patient-friendly dental care.

What is Air Abrasion?

Typically, air abrasion treats small cavities and surface stains on tooth enamel. It may also be used to prepare teeth for cosmetic resin bonding or tooth-colored fillings.

Using a small handheld tool, the dentist uses a gentle, directed stream of air, combined with fine abrasive particles of silica and aluminum oxide (a common ingredient in toothpaste) to resurface teeth marred by decay or discolorations. Unlike cavity preparation with the usual high-speed drill, air abrasion is relatively quiet, comfortable and causes little to no vibration.  The minor amounts of debris produced are suctioned away.

In addition, the patient has no experience of heat as he may with traditional drilling, and air abrasion preserves more natural tooth structure and does not further crack or mar tooth enamel. Air abrasion can cause some minor dental sensitivity, but is truly safe and effective as the dentist takes care to protect protect surrounding areas with a rubber dam. Plus, both patient and professional staff wear protective eyewear during air abrasion procedures.

What is Air Abrasion for?

Again, the tool removes small amounts of decay and surface stains. It may also prepare a tooth to receive a white filling or plastic sealants or for cosmetic repair of cracks or chips with composite resin.

Air abrasion is not appropriate for installation of a dental crown where deep decay or substantial filling material must be removed and the tooth reshaped.  Deep cavities and root canal therapy require traditional drilling techniques as well.

Air abrasion is best used with cosmetic dental procedures and in conjunction with preventive dentistry. As a patient comes every six months to Mt. Holly Family Dentistry, the dentist will observe changes in tooth structure–decay, for example–as they develop. In these early stages, cavities and discolorations respond well to minimally invasive air abrasion.

Patients report that they find air abrasion comfortable and, perhaps best of all,  quick.

We Specialize in Innovation

Soft tissue laser, Single Tooth Anesthesia, intraoral cameras and more–we offer state of the art dental services, including air abrasion, to all our patients so they enjoy durable, beautiful smiles for years. Feel free to asks us about our newest diagnostic and restorative techniques.

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