May 10, 2016

The importance of wearing a Mt. Holly mouthguard

Enjoy sports and keep your oral health by wearing a Mt. Holly mouthguard. Learn more about these appliances customized by Mt. Holly dentist, H. William Greenberg.What’s more important than your health? Don’t forget to protect it when playing sports. Whether your favorite is a heavy contact activity, such as hockey, or simple aerobic exercise, such as running, an athletic mouthguard from your skilled dental team at Mount Holly Family Dentistry keeps your mouth safe and even increases performance!

Oral injuries are very common

The American Dental Association (ADA) states that a full one-third of all injuries to the mouth happen during sports. While heavy contact sports such as football, hockey, and martial arts are obvious culprits, even incidental contact activities, such as basketball or even tennis, rack up the emergency room visits.

Oral injuries involve more than just a cracked or knocked out tooth. Even simple clenching during a strenuous dance class puts pressure on teeth and gums, leading to TMJ dysfunction, chipped teeth and loosened restorations such as fillings and crowns.

And, of course, collisions and blows to the teeth and jaw cause:

  • Soft tissue lacerations
  • Breakage of orthodontic appliances
  • Lateral displacement of tooth alignment
  • Concussion

Yes, a simple blow to the mouth can lead to a serious concussion injury. In fact, the North Carolina Dental Society says that 56 percent of all concussions occur during sporting activities where participants did not wear mouth protection.

Mouthguards prevent injuries

The ADA also maintains that more than 200,000 injuries to the mouth are preventable if both children and adults consistently wore athletic mouth guards. Dr. H. William Greenberg, and his associate dentists, Drs. Ko-Kim, Cygler, Govitrikar at Mount Holly Dentistry, totally agree.

As such, they urge their patients to consider Pure Power Mouthguards. Revolutionary in design and made according to Dr. Greenberg’s specific treatment plan, a customized, acrylic mouthguard from Pure Power keeps teeth, gums and surrounding tissues safe and helps improve athletic performance, too.

Dr. Greenberg is one of the few dentists in the United States fully certified to be a Pure Power Mouthguard provider. He uses the Pure Power system because scientific research shows these mouthguard not only protect but also enhance the performance, strength and flexibility of athletes–amateur or professional, young or senior-aged.

The secret lies in correct dental bite. A proper bite reduces stress on teeth, jaw joint and soft tissues of the mouth. Further, it allows for less teeth clenching, and less clenching (bruxism) means less fatigue and wear and tear on tooth enamel and bone structure. Pure Power mouthguards allow for better air exchange as well for more efficient pulmonary and cardiovascular function.

Would you like to learn more?

All it takes is a simple consultation with your Mount Holly dentist. Dr. Greenberg will evaluate your bite, teeth and bone structure and discuss your options for a protective mouthguard. Why not contact the office today to arrange a convenient appointment time? Your oral and overall health and athletic performance will thank you!

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