April 14, 2016

Replace Your Teeth With Natural Looking Dentures in Mt. Holly

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Learn how you can replace your teeth with natural looking dentures in Mt. Holly.If you’re missing multiple teeth you understand the many challenges it presents. Even daily activities such as trying to enjoy a meal become difficult when you’re missing teeth. Chewing your food properly is challenging and your health and digestion may suffer as you adjust your diet and nutrition to accommodate your chewing ability. Missing teeth take a toll on your confidence because you may feel embarrassed about talking and smiling freely. This may affect your career or personal relationships. The good news is that there are options for you to replace your teeth, and there is hope! Your Mt. Holly dentist discusses how you can replace your teeth with natural looking dentures.

Missing Teeth and Oral Health

While missing teeth definitely affect your confidence and your diet, did you know that they also affect your oral health? Without replacements for your missing teeth, your remaining teeth will begin to shift over time into the open spaces. This puts them at risk for periodontal disease, fractures and other damage. Shifting causes bite misalignment, which could contribute to a painful joint disorder known as TMJ.

Missing roots also affect your oral health. Without a root in place, your bone will begin to resorb, or lose density. Not only does this put your remaining teeth at risk for becoming loose and falling out, it also changes the appearance of your face. Bone loss causes the sunken or sagging appearance that makes you look many years older than you actually are.

What is a Denture?

Dentures are removable appliances, typically made of acrylic, that replace an entire arch of teeth with custom designed prosthetic teeth. Your dentist will customize your denture to match your teeth that were lost, and maybe even brighten your look a bit, so your smile is naturally completed immediately. Wearing a denture also improves the esthetics and appearance of your face.

There is a learning curve at first while you’re getting used to eating and talking with your new denture, however your confidence level will soar when you have a full beautiful smile once again. Dentures can easily be removed at night for sleeping and cleaning, and you’ll still visit your dentist at least once per year to ensure the snug fit of your denture.

At Mt. Holly Family Dentistry, our doctors specialize in helping patients with multiple missing teeth restore their smiles with natural looking dentures. In fact, we call our method of making dentures “Fountain of Youth Dentures” because of the amazing effect these dentures have for our patients’ appearance. Using neuromuscular techniques during the fabrication of these appliances makes them so effective at restoring not only your smile, but also your entire facial esthetic, and making you look years younger! We are so excited to help you restore your smile and your confidence. Contact us today to learn more.

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