October 9, 2018

How to Handle a Cracked Porcelain Veneer in Mt. Holly

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 A woman covering her mouth.Whether you just had a bad fall or you bit into a piece of food just a little too hard, cracked porcelain veneers happen. For many, this is an aesthetic emergency that cannot wait. If you’re getting married in two days, you’ve got a professional event you’re headlining, or rely on your appearance for your job, a cracked porcelain veneer in Mt. Holly just can’t wait.

For those dealing with this cosmetic catastrophe, read this from a dentist. They can go over the steps of repairing your tooth just in time.

Start by Examining the Crack

Before doing anything, take a closer look at the veneer itself. The damage present will largely influence what you should do next. Is it a hairline crack or is it a full-blown break? After determining the damage, consider how long it’s been since you receive the veneer. If it’s been several years, especially more than 10, it just may be that time to replace it. If it’s been far fewer, especially less than a year, it could mean there was a fracture already present after fabrication.

You’ll also want to take note of exactly what you were doing when the crack occurred. For example, if you’re using your mouth to open bottles or packages or you’re constantly clenching and grinding your teeth, it’s likely that was the issue. However, sometimes chewing on hard candy or ice can cause them to crack as well.

Make sure to save all pieces of the veneer to show the dentist. They may be able to determine if there was an issue with the material itself, rather than your habits.

How a Dentist Can Help

It’s not common for a veneer, especially a porcelain veneer, to break that soon on its own. If the veneer was damaged during fabrication and not due to any fault on your own, the dentist will more than likely just replace it. However, if your veneer cracks again, then it’s a sign that a more significant issue is occurring. As mentioned clenching and grinding can easily damage veneers, but some people only do this in their sleep. This makes it much more difficult to diagnose at first.

A dentist can provide a nightguard to prevent future breaks from happening and also confirm it to be the source of your veneers wearing down prematurely. If your veneer only exhibited a minor crack that doesn’t extend all the way down to the gums, they can use a special bonding agent to hide the crack, just like they would if it were a natural tooth.

Remember, porcelain veneers generally have a shelf-life of 10 years. But this can vary if you don’t practice proper oral care or use your teeth improperly. To get your damaged porcelain veneers in Mt. Holly fixed or replaced, schedule an appointment today!

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