February 28, 2016

Information About Dentures in Mt. Holly, NJ

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Smile big with dentures in Mt. Holly, NJ.You’ve finally done it! You’ve made the jump to full dentures and what a difference it’s made. Your face has completely changed, in fact you feel as if the years have just melted away. Not only do you look years younger, you’re gradually getting the hang of eating with your new teeth. It’s so nice to be able to enjoy your food once again. Now that you have your dentures in Mt. Holly, NJ you shouldn’t need to visit the dentist anymore, right? Wrong!

Even with full dentures it’s absolutely critical to attend your regular dental appointments. This is so your dentist can check your mouth and ensure that your dentures are fitting correctly. Periodically, adjustments may need to be made and your denture may need to be relined from time to time.

Types of Dentures

Conventional dentures are put into your mouth after all of your teeth have been removed and your mouth has healed. This may take some time due to the healing process, but you will feel comfortable and ready for the denture after healing.

Immediate dentures are placed right after your remaining teeth have been removed. Your dentist will have taken measurements and models of your jaw in order to complete the denture prior to your extractions. You will leave on the same day with your new teeth, and return to the dentist for fittings, alignments and to monitor your healing process. It will take some time to heal and adjust to the fit and feel of your new teeth. There also may be a learning curve with talking and eating at first.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Just like your natural teeth, your dentures need to be cleaned and brushed daily. Rinse them to remove debris, and brush them with a soft bristle brush and non-abrasive cleanser. You should also brush your gums and tongue to remove any plaque build-up and prevent bad breath.

When you’re not wearing your dentures, keep them in a safe place, preferably covered in water so that they won’t warp. Also keep them away from pets, who might want to chew on them and may be attracted to them because of the scent of saliva.

If you’re considering the transition to dentures, your Mt. Holly dentists Dr. William Greenberg, Dr. Julie Ko-Kim, Dr. Adam Cygler, and Dr. Vrishali Govitrika can help guide you through the process. At Mt. Holly Family Dentistry we help many patients reclaim a more youthful appearance with our “Fountain of Youth Dentures.” You will be amazed at the difference in your overall look, the improvement to your oral health, and you’ll appreciate being able to enjoy food again. Come talk to us today to learn more about the process and determine if dentures are the right option for you.

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