November 26, 2017

Dear Dentist, Why Does My Mouth Heal So Quickly?

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mouth with dental mirrorYou order some tea at your favorite café, but you’re a little too eager to enjoy that steaming cup of herbal delight. You take a sip, and — ow! You get an unpleasant shock when the searing hot liquid scalds your tongue. Or maybe you just had oral surgery and are bleeding a bit after your procedure. Fortunately, these types of wounds heal quickly. Have you ever wondered why your mouth makes such a speedy recovery after it’s injured? Your dentist near Lumberton is here to explain.

Saliva Is Amazing!

Saliva is pretty much a miracle fluid. It helps to rinse away bacteria in your mouth, thereby battling cavities and keeping your breath nice and fresh. But it does even more.

Saliva contains a peptide (part of an amino acid) called histatin-1. This microscopic little substance fights bacteria and aids in wound healing. Earlier this year, researchers set out to gain a deeper understanding of this peptide, so they added it to chicken embryo cells and human blood vessel cells.

The results were remarkable. The study found that histatin-1 assists in wound healing in a few ways. It aids in the formation of new skin cells and helps to attach them to a wound. It also promotes the growth of new blood vessels. When blood supply to a wound is increased, it tends to heal more quickly.

Despite histatin-1’s awesome qualities, though, you shouldn’t lick wounds on other parts of your body. Remember, there is tons of bacteria in your mouth! You don’t want to accidentally infect that paper cut.

Mouth Tissue Is Different Than Skin Tissue

Another reason why your mouth bounces back from harm so quickly is that most of the tissue inside it is mucous tissue instead of regular skin, and the mucous membrane contains oodles and oodles of blood vessels. These vessels carry nutrients and other substances that are essential for healing to your wounds.

Also, the mucous membrane in your tongue and cheeks is a bit simpler than typical skin cells. This means that the repair process is easier for your body and doesn’t take as much time as healing other types of wounds.

What If My Mouth Isn’t Healing?

If your mouth is sore, and the pain doesn’t go away as quickly as you were expecting, that doesn’t mean that something is wrong. You might just need a little more time to recover from that sharp potato chip, that extremely hot cup of coffee, or your recent oral surgery.

On the other hand, if your mouth hurts and you don’t know why, or if the pain just refuses to go away, something else could be at play. It would be a good idea to visit your dentist near Lumberton so a professional can check for signs of infection or other serious issues.

Your mouth has a superpower! Next time you accidentally bite your cheek, don’t despair. You’ll be back in chewing condition in no time.

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