March 22, 2020

6 Signs You Have a Dental Emergency On Your Hands

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stressed person trying to find out if they have a dental emergency by searching on their computerDental emergencies put people on the spot because they always happen at the most unexpected moments. Because of this, it can be hard to determine what actions you should take; should you call an emergency dentist? Will the pain go away on its own? These are hard questions to answer when you’re panicking. If you’re second-guessing whether or not you have a dental emergency on your hands, you can read on to learn six signs that you do.

A Permanent Tooth is Loose

If you have a permanent tooth that’s loose, whether that’s due to dental trauma or not, you should always contact your emergency dentist immediately. They can examine your mouth, diagnose the issue, and develop a customized treatment plan to address it before other teeth are at the risk of falling out or becoming loose.

Your Toothache Is Severe

Severe toothaches can wake you up at night and keep you from being able to focus during the day. They’re also a common sign of a serious oral health problem known as a tooth infection. Without immediate attention from an emergency dentist, this issue will only progress and could result in the loss of one or more of your teeth.

An Oral Sore Won’t Seem to Heal

If you notice that you have an oral sore on your lip or inside of your mouth that won’t heal within two weeks, this could be a sign of oral cancer. The key to treating this problem is to spot the signs early so you can treat it before it advances to other areas of your body. Without timely attention, this issue can become grave.

Your Tooth Went Numb

After putting off seeing your emergency dentist for a severe toothache, you may feel relieved when the pain stops and your tooth goes numb. However, this isn’t a good sign. This likely means that your infection progressed and killed your tooth, requiring an extraction. The issue needs to be taken care of immediately in order to preserve the rest of your smile.

You Have Chronic Jaw Tension

Chronic jaw tension and headaches are often a sign of a bad oral habit known as bruxism, or teeth grinding. Although this issue doesn’t seem serious, if you begin experiencing daily discomfort and don’t get it addressed, you could develop other medical conditions, such as TMD, and put your oral health in danger.

Your Gums Are Swollen or Bleeding

Bleeding, tender, or aching gums are often a sign of gum disease. This is one of the most common oral health problems among Americans, and when left untreated, can cause serious and permanent damage to your smile. When it’s treated immediately, your emergency dentist may be able to completely reverse the effects. However, when caught too late, they may only be able to temporarily ease your discomfort.

If you’re ever in doubt about whether or not to contact your emergency dentist, you can always call them and discuss your symptoms over the phone. Based on the information you tell them, they can help you determine whether an urgent visit is necessary or not.

About the Practice

At Mt. Holly Family Dentistry, we offer the care of three knowledgeable and experienced emergency dentists. During the COVID-19 crisis, our office is only open for dental emergencies so we can protect our staff and patients. For questions or to schedule an emergency visit, you can visit our website or call 609-267-3230.

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