July 21, 2018

What You Should Know about Dental Implants in Mount Holly

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x-ray of tooth needing root canalDental implants in Mount Holly are one way to resolve the issues caused by missing teeth. They can protect your natural teeth as well as your jawbone from ongoing problems. But, before deciding on implants, you should evaluate all your options under the guidance of a qualified dentist.

Why Are Missing Teeth Such a Serious Problem?

Imagine a row of soldiers lined up, shoulder to shoulder, their weapons at the ready. Such a formation would make an imposing defense in the face of almost any attacker. That’s because each defender lends his strength to the entire group.

Now imagine that one of the soldiers must drop out due to injury. This creates a gap in the defensive line that a wily attacker can exploit. As a group, the soldiers are weaker than they were before losing their comrade.

This is a useful analogy for explaining why missing one or more of your teeth can cause big trouble for your dental health. Just like the soldiers in the illustration, your teeth rely on each other to protect you from harmful bacteria and related problems. Losing even one tooth adds extra stress to those that remain.

Over time, this can cause a variety of serious dental problems, including ones that may cause facial disfigurement. This is why dentists avoid extracting a tooth as long as other options exist. But, sometimes, an extraction is the only viable treatment.

Dental Implants to the Rescue

A dental implant provides a permanent replacement to a tooth lost via extraction or other causes. Implants are made of titanium, the same metal used in supersonic aircraft. Over time, they fuse to the patient’s jawbone, strengthening its structure while helping to keep the surrounding natural teeth healthy.

Dental implants also offer cosmetic benefits. This is why many famous people, including Hollywood celebrities, choose this option. Implants can allow you to keep your bright, sunny smile for your entire life.

Are Implants the Right Solution for Me?

Only your dentist can determine which course of treatment is best in your case. It’s important to remember that implants do require oral surgery and a period of recovery. Also, an implant needs the same care as your natural teeth. This includes regular brushing and flossing, along with routine dental checkups. Otherwise, the implant may eventually fail, requiring extensive reconstructive measures to correct.

Smokers, people with diabetes, and cancer patients require special consideration before implants are approved. Also, people who cannot tolerate anesthesia are at heightened risk of complications. Ask your dentist in Mount Holly about these concerns.

Whether you receive implants or not, it’s possible for all of us to enjoy better dental health. Brush and floss regularly, avoid tobacco and illicit drugs, exercise, and eat a well-rounded diet low in sweets and starches. The benefits you’ll enjoy are more than worth the time and effort involved. We wish you nothing but happy smiles in the years to come.

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