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Multiple Tooth Implants – Mt. Holly, NJ

No More Troublesome Gaps in Your Smile

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Living with multiple teeth missing presents more than just an aesthetic challenge. It can also compromise your oral health as the remaining teeth can begin to shift, which can cause bite problems and encourage gum infection. At Mt. Holly Family Dentistry, we have an effective answer to your woes with the placement of dental implants. Contact us today to request an appointment so Dr. Cygler can reconstruct your smile and leave you with a fully functional set of teeth!

Non-Implant Tooth Replacement Options

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To get a better appreciation for how effective dental implant placement is for restoring your oral health, let’s first take a look at the alternatives:

  • Crown and bridge – This is used to replace one-to-three consecutive missing teeth. The porcelain restorations are affixed to a single apparatus that “bridges” the gap left by the missing teeth. Then, crowns are placed on the surrounding teeth, which act as anchors to hold the new fixture in place.
  • Partial dentures – A solution for replacing any number of consecutive or nonconsecutive missing teeth, a partial denture consists of a series of prosthetics that are bound with a thin, metal wire that clasps to the teeth adjacent to the open space.
  • Full dentures – If a full arch or a complete set of teeth is missing, a full denture can be used to restore a portion of the functionality and appearance of your original teeth. They are held in place by the natural suction that’s created inside the mouth and dental adhesive.

While the above methods for replacing missing teeth are effective and are sometimes the only viable options, there is another level of quality, durability and aesthetic appeal that you stand to gain with dental implant insertion.

The Difference a Dental Implant Makes

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Unlike the above restoration processes, a dental implant is inserted beneath the gum line. By attaching to the underlying bone, it provides a level of stability and security that is unmatched by any other form of tooth replacement. This also allows for the dental implant to be completely self-sufficient, which means the surrounding teeth don’t have to be disturbed.

To ensure you receive the safest and most effective care possible, Dr. Cygler will first perform a complete oral examination, which includes the usage of 3D scans that provide a detailed picture of your current state. Once you’ve been thoroughly evaluated and found to be a good candidate for the dental implant procedure, Dr. Cygler will make small incisions and strategically place a series of implants that will support the final restoration. Then, we’ll place them after you’ve healed sufficiently from the initial surgery.

The Benefits of Implant-Retained Prosthetics

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The perks of receiving dental implants include…

  • A natural and appealing smile
  • Preservation of your remaining teeth
  • Reliable and lasting form of replacement
  • The prevention of jawbone loss
  • The ability to once again maintain a normal diet

Find out More

To find out more about what implant placement can do for you, reach out to one of our friendly staff members to request an appointment. With the superior care you’ll receive, you’ll soon be able to live a more fulfilling life!