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Restoring Smiles with Beautiful Dental Crowns and Bridges

Have you sustained serious dental damage -- or even lost a tooth or two? If so, a dental crown or bridge may be a wonderful option for restoring your smile. Both restorative options are highly customizable to fit your unique dental needs perfectly. Keep reading to learn more about dental crowns and bridges, and how to know when this is the right option for your teeth.

What Is a Crown?

Dental crowns and implants

A dental crown is a customized restoration that fits tightly over a broken, decayed, or otherwise damaged tooth. Crowns can be made from porcelain, ceramic, gold, or metal alloys. The material that is right for you depends on the location of the tooth, your budget, and your personal preference. A porcelain crown may be best in the front of the smile, while a sturdier gold crown could be best for a molar.

Some of the issues that a crown can solve include:

  • Broken teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Tooth decay when there is not enough enamel present for a filling
  • Weak or worn teeth
  • Cosmetically damaged teeth in the front of the smile

To create a dental crown, an impression (mold) will be made out of the affected tooth. Enamel will be removed first to make room for the crown to be placed on top. A temporary is worn while the crown is created in a separate lab. Once the crown is ready, you return to our office. The temporary is removed and, after a final quality check, the new one is cemented on top of the prepared tooth.

What Is a Bridge?

A dental bridge is a solution for one or more teeth that have gone missing altogether. This type of restoration works by building an actual bridge over the gap left behind by the lost teeth. A sturdy crown is placed on each tooth that surrounds the space -- and pontics, or prosthetic teeth, fill in the gap. A fixed bridge can replace one or more consecutively missing teeth.

Some of the benefits of dental bridges include:

  • Restored ability to speak and smile with confidence
  • Easier to eat what you like
  • Surrounding teeth are kept in place
  • Avoid the sunken look associated with tooth loss

Caring for a Crown or Bridge

Crown color matching guide

After you have your smile restored with a crown or bridge, you can expect it to last for up to 20 years (or maybe even more) with proper maintenance. We will send you home with precise instructions on caring for your new restoration.

Some of these maintenance tips include:

  • Continue to brush and floss teeth as recommended
  • Concentrate on the area at the base of the crown or bridge to prevent plaque/tartar buildup
  • Invest in an interdental cleaner to clean around the restoration’s base
  • Visit our office regularly for routine maintenance!

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